Transform your data into super–powered
Business Apps for the whole team.

All your data at your team’s fingertips – 100% customizable, secure, & lightning fast.

Your Data + Instantly Add
Team Members, Comments, Notifications, History, Activity, Forms, Emails, Automations, Relationships, Permissions, New Fields, Custom Apps… all in a couple minutes.

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  • Any OS / Browser*

Software that perfectly fits your business.

If you can dream it – you can make it.

Transform your data into the perfect custom App for your business with a few clicks, or get a jump start on your project by installing pre-made Apps from the App Market – customize it or not, it’s up to you.

Made something great? Share it with the world. Publish your Apps on the App Market with a couple clicks.

Everything at your team’s fingertips.

A central hub for your business data.

Everything you need to manage your day to day operations. 100% custom. Centralize your business data for one stop management. No more managing user permissions and accounts across 20 services. All the data your team needs – where they need it – at their fingertips.

Less hassle, faster results.

How do I get started?

Get up & running fast – no matter where your data is.

Quick start your Apps by importing your data – from services like Podio, Notion, CSV files, Databases – or start from scratch & make something new.

Easily drag & drop Fields, make Relationships, Spaces, Tables, Automations, & set Permission to craft the perfect custom App.

Drag & Drop.

Everything exactly how you want it – nothing more.

Drag & drop custom fields to design the perfect App. It’s easy – add as many as you like. Create Tables & Forms that match your business, data, & company workflow. Easy as 1-2-3.

Email at your fingertips.

Emails from your domain, connected to your data. Fully integrated.

Powerful Automations.

Make the robots do the work.

Create custom Flows that enable your business to move lightning fast. When ACTION happens – do THIS.

Instant & Powerful – calculation fields & automations that run fast! No more waiting for your data to be up-to-date.

Awesome Power.

Automate your way to freedom.

Create automations for all your data. Get creative and combine Actions, Flows, & Triggers to create a powerhouse toolset for eliminating busy work and repetative tasks.

With Flows – anything is possible.

  • On this date trigger this action
  • When the title changes send an email
  • When this updates create a new record
  • When I press this button run my custom code
  • When creating a new invoice notify someone
  • draft
    Build PDFs
  • mark_email_read
    Send Emails
  • add_notes
    New Records
  • delete
    Delete Records
  • edit_square
    Edit Records
  • maps_ugc
    New Comments
  • data_object
    API Calls
  • calculate
  • event
    Trigger dates
  • autorenew
    Run Flows
  • subtitles
    Run Code
  • more_horiz

Robust Integrations.

Your data + your favorite service.

Extend the power of your business data with flexible integrations to your favorite services & custom solutions.


Send emails from your own domain. Create drip campaigns. Automate communication.

OAuth 2.0

Integrate ANY service in your automations and workflows that offers OAuth 2.0.

Webhooks & API

Roll a custom solution with our powerful API & Webhooks to connect your data – any way you want.

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No BS pricing.

You get it ALL. Just fair pricing so you can focus on getting stuff done.

Try a 14 day free trial
No credit card required.
$10 /user month
$45 /admin month

Unlimited Spaces, Tables, Records, Storage, Flows, Emails, Integrations, Support, Filters &…

Forms, Embeds, Workspaces, Calculations, Guest Access, Editing, Uploads, Comments, History, Permissions, Automations, Calendar Feeds… the whole sha–bang.

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Need more?

We’ve got you covered.

Everything you need to manage your business data.
If you're tired of old, bloated, slow, & frustrating data software – InfoLobby is just what you need. Give it a try and experience the speed, security, and confidence perfect for your day–to–day operations.


  • Lightning Fast
  • Always Accessible
  • Any Device
  • No Bloat
  • Secure
  • Collaboration
  • Easy – Advanced
  • Web Based
  • Use–based Pricing
  • Pre–made Apps
  • App Market


  • Global Search
  • Table Filters
  • Icon & Color Pickers
  • Embeddable Forms
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Users Mentions
  • Email Reminders
  • Member Access
  • Calendar Feeds
  • Invites

Business & Users

  • Multiple Accounts
  • ∞ Workspaces
  • Unlimited Tables
  • Granular permissions
  • Guest access
  • Comments
  • Notifications
  • Email Updates
  • User Activity List
  • Record Edit History


  • Robust API
  • Calculation Fields
  • Custom Flows
  • Embeddable Forms
  • Custom Code
  • SQL Formulas
  • Custom Views
  • Data Filters
  • Relationship Fields
  • SMTP integration
  • Webhooks
  • Import / Export
  • …& more

Get all of the above
…& so much more
“Finally Software that doesn’t suck.” “It was simple to get going, now we are discovering the power tools.” “I actually like using this type of software for a change” “I didn’t expect to make something right away… but it works.” “So glad that I jumped ship from <other software>” “Can’t complain.” “So good, I am using it twice.” “I made my grandmas cookbook with this software.” “Less work – more play thanks to InfoLobby”
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