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19th April 2024

Assign Tasks β˜‘οΈ

Get ready to ignite your productivity! πŸ”₯ We're absolutely thrilled to unveil the long-awaited feature: task tracking in InfoLobby! πŸš€ Now, you can seamlessly assign tasks to any user within your account. Need to delegate? No problem! Task assignment …

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9th February 2024

Android πŸ“± Mobile App

Exciting news everyone! πŸŽ‰ We're thrilled to unveil our brand-new mobile app for Android! πŸ“± Now, you can experience our amazing platform right at your fingertips! Get ready to dive into a whole new level of convenience and accessibility! 🌟 …

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25th January 2024

Calendar πŸ—“οΈ View

Our minions have been hard at work, and we're pleased to finally be able to announce the introduction of calendar views in InfoLobby. You no longer have to constrain yourself to boring table views. If a table has a date field, you can now plot it on a …

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17th January 2024

iOS πŸ“± Mobile App

We're pleased to announce the release of the InfoLobby iOS Mobile App for iPhones. You can get it here: The app is a webkit wrapper around the website so it does require internet access. It also …

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15th January 2024

2FA Optional

For those that don't like two factor authentication, you can now opt out of 2FA (even though we highly recommend you keep this setting turned on for maximum security). In the User Preferences dialogue, there is now a checkbox to select whether or not to …

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27th December 2023

Import from GlobiFlow / PWA πŸš€

We've been burning the midnight oil to bring you some fantastic news – introducing our brand-new flow importer! Now, you can effortlessly (well, mostly) import flows from GlobiFlow / Podio Workflow Automation. Here's the scoop: Simply export your flows …

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16th December 2023

New Field Type: Images πŸ–ΌοΈ

Exciting news from InfoLobby! We've just rolled out support for image-only fields, a game-changer for visual content enthusiasts. Unlike traditional File fields, these new fields exclusively handle images, showcasing them in a larger view on the record …

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6th December 2023

Flow Catch Errors ⚠️

You can now catch errors in the following flow actions: ~ API Call ~ Remote Post ~ Trigger Flow If you catch the errors, the action will never cause the flow to fail, and instead the error message will be in the declared variable instead. Note: it's up …

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1st December 2023

InfoLobby now works with Zapier ⚑

InfoLobby is now live as an integration in Zapier so you can trigger InfoLobby changes from any Zapier zap. See: Although InfoLobby has one of the strongest automation engines on the market, there may be …

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21st November 2023

Report Widgets πŸ“Š

InfoLobby now allows you to create reporting widgets (charts, etc) in every table. The widgets can be displayed either above the table, or to the right of it. On mobile, the widget bar collapses and can be expanded via the chart icon. Access to configure …

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27th October 2023

Lookup Fields πŸ•ΆοΈ Select from View

You can now configure lookup fields to only show records from a table if they are in a given view. This is very useful if you want to only show some records to the user when selecting from the drop-down menu while working on the record. Maybe you only …

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25th October 2023

Partner Program πŸ§‘β€πŸ€β€πŸ§‘ Launched

We're excited to launch the InfoLobby partner program. We'll help you grow your business by you helping us grow ours. As official partners you'll get first dibs on professional service requests from our users, as well as a 20% commission on realized …

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19th October 2023

Date and Number Formats

You can now specify how you would like dates and numbers to be formatted in tables and records. You can access the settings under the user menu's "User Preferences" option: …

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17th October 2023

Muting Flow Actions πŸ”‡

Select flow actions can now be muted. There's a new checkbox at the bottom of those flow steps to do this: …

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14th October 2023

Date Flow Times πŸ•€

You can now specify an hour for date and daily flows to trigger. Note that time values in date+time fields are ignored. The flow will trigger if the date portion matches and the time setting matches the account holder's current hour. …

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14th October 2023

πŸ’Ύ Excel Import Hooks

You can now optionally trigger automations when importing an Excel spreadsheet. This is useful if you want to run your flows when the import creates or updates records. …

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2nd September 2023

Email to Table πŸ“© Enhancements

The email-to-table functionality has been improved. When a table receives an email (not an existing record), a new record will be created and the content is mapped as follows: ~ Subject - first text field in table ~ Body - first textarea field in table ~ …

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5th September 2023

Automation πŸ‘€ Previews

For PDF and Email actions in the automation editor, there is now an option to preview the result without leaving the editor. …

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28th August 2023

InfoLobby now works with ProcFu's πŸ“± App Builder

Need to create public portals from your InfoLobby data? No problem. ProcFu now works with InfoLobby. …

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3rd August 2023

ForEach Var πŸ§ͺ

You can now iterate over any array variable using the new For Each Variable brick in automations. …

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2nd August 2023

Markdown in πŸ—¨οΈ Comments

Comments now support Markdown Syntax. …

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25th May 2023

New Views & Filters πŸ‘οΈ

Views and filters have been re-built for an improved user experience. You'll now find them on the top-right of each table. …

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2nd May 2023

Excel Updates πŸ’Ύ

You can now update existing data by importing an Excel file and mapping the ID column. ~ Export the table to excel ~ modify what you need in excel ~ Import the file again into the same table making sure to map the ID column …

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19th April 2023

Comment πŸ—¨οΈ Flow Trigger

You can now trigger flows when a comment is created. …

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27th March 2023

Emojis πŸ˜€ everywhere

You can now insert emoji's everwhere. Press CTRL+SHIFT+colon and choose your favourite πŸ˜€. …

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15th March 2023

Public Table Data πŸ“’

There's a new table setting to allow public (unauthenticated) access to table data. Great for using InfoLobby as a CMS, etc. …

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27th January 2023

Flow Search πŸ” Action

You can now have flows searching tables and process the records in a loop. Unlike Podio, there is no 1000 limit. You should be able to process millions of results with no issues. …

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24th January 2023

User 🀡 preferences

You can now configure user preferences under the main user menu: …

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19th January 2023

πŸ“‹ Webforms

We now have webforms that you can embed in your website. Access under "Account" to configure them. …

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16th January 2023

Admin Only πŸ™‰πŸ™ˆπŸ™Š

You can now restrict fields to be only updatable by an admin. You can also restrict a table to only allow admins to create, update, and/or delete records. …

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16th January 2023

Import from Podio/Notion πŸ“©

You can now import an entire Podio App or Notion Database with a single click. Podio Notes: ~ Fields are added for "Files" ~ Calculations are not supported ~ Date Ranges get a second Date field for end part ~ Comment dates are preserved ~ Comment …

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13th January 2023

Activity πŸ‘£ History

You can now see recent activity from a space, or from a table (under ... menu). Activity is recorded for the last 30 days only. …

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3rd January 2023

Soft ⛔️ Deletes

Deletions are now soft. Any record, table, or space, will only be flagged as deleted, and only permanently deleted 30 days later. Via support ticket, users can request record or table restores for up to 30 days. …

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31st December 2022

Public API πŸ“‘

The API is now exposed via oAuth2 so users can create extensions and add-ons. We still need to document this. …

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16th December 2022

Revision ⏱ History

We now have revision history for each record. It's accessible from the ... menu on a record. …

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15th December 2022

App 🎁 Packages

You can now publish and install app packages from the account overview. …

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19th December 2022

Global πŸ”Ž Search

We now have a global title search in the main nav bar. …

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