Why Infolobby?

What is it exactly?

InfoLobby is a business software platform designed to help teams manage data, automate tasks, and create custom applications. It offers a range of features that can suit various business needs, including customer relationship management (CRM), project management, invoicing, sales tracking, or your next big idea.

Who is it for?

InfoLobby is a versatile platform aimed at forward–thinking businesses seeking customizable software solutions to improve collaboration, data management, and automation. InfoLobby is more than just a database; it's a customizable platform designed to meet a wide range of business needs. With its flexibility, built-in automation, role-based pricing, and unique features, InfoLobby offers a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to streamline operations and enhance productivity.

Like LEGO™ for your Business

InfoLobby is a cloud-based database platform with a built-in automation engine, designed to adapt to a variety of business needs, offering the flexibility to create what you need. It’s like a versatile LEGO™ set for your data management, allowing you to build custom solutions tailored to your business case.

Effective Data Management

Central to InfoLobby is effective data management. Users can centralize their business data for easier access and organization. The platform allows users to import data from various sources, create custom fields and relationships, and set granular permissions to ensure data security.

This flexibility allows you to create a custom solution that suits your unique business use-cases. While specialized software applications might excel at specific tasks but work in isolation, InfoLobby unifies these components into a single, seamless platform. This means you get the advantage of a cohesive system without the typical communication hurdles between different software packages.

Straightforward Pricing

With InfoLobby, you only pay for the roles you need, unlike other platforms where all users must be on the same pricing tier. This approach is highly cost-effective, especially when you have many users who only require basic data entry functionality. Data entry users are almost 80% cheaper than administrators, allowing you to scale without breaking the bank.

The pricing model for InfoLobby is straightforward, with user-based rates and no hidden fees. It also offers a 30-day free trial with no credit card required, allowing new users to test the platform risk-free. Additionally, InfoLobby provides pre-made apps and the option to share custom apps in an App Market.

Data + Collaboration + Automation Platform

Your teams can collaborate through integrated email, comments, calendars, task tracking, and notifications, fostering efficient communication and workflow. The platform also supports automation workflows, streamlining business processes and reducing repetitive tasks. InfoLobby integrates with other services via OAuth 2.0, SMTP, Webhooks, and a robust API, providing flexibility for custom data management solutions.

Future Proof. Scale Proof.

Adapt to evolving business needs.

InfoLobby is designed with a focus on scalability and future-proofing, which helps ensure that it can adapt to evolving business needs and handle increased demands over time.

Modularity and Customization

InfoLobby allows users to create custom applications tailored to their specific needs. This modularity means you can add or remove features, tables, fields, and relationships without impacting other parts of the system. This flexibility ensures that the platform can grow and evolve as your business changes.

Open Standards and Interoperability

InfoLobby is built with open standards, facilitating integration with other systems and services. This feature makes it easy to connect with various external tools, ensuring that InfoLobby can adapt to future technologies and industry changes without becoming obsolete.

Built-in Automation and Scalability

InfoLobby's built-in automation engine is designed to handle complex workflows and high volumes of data without sacrificing performance. Its scalable architecture allows the platform to grow with your business, whether you're adding more users, increasing automation workflows, or expanding data storage.

Robust API and Integration Options

InfoLobby offers a robust API, allowing you to integrate with other platforms and customize interactions. This flexibility means you can connect with other applications, ensuring that InfoLobby remains relevant even as technology evolves.

Secure and Reliable Infrastructure

InfoLobby provides a secure and reliable infrastructure, with a focus on data protection and high performance. The platform's design minimizes the impact of potential threats and ensures consistent uptime, critical for long-term stability and scalability.

Continuous Updates and Support

InfoLobby is maintained with regular updates and continuous support, ensuring that the platform stays current with technology trends, security requirements, and user needs. This approach reduces the risk of obsolescence and keeps the platform ready for future developments.

Role-based Pricing for Cost Efficiency

InfoLobby offers role-based pricing, allowing you to scale your user base cost-effectively. This flexibility in pricing supports your business as it grows, ensuring that you don't overpay for features or users you don't need.

Comprehensive Data Management

InfoLobby's ability to centralize data and manage it efficiently ensures that it can handle growing data volumes and complex workflows. Its structure, based on separate physical SQL tables, allows for high-performance queries and avoids the "bad neighbor" effect, providing a robust foundation for scalability.


InfoLobby allows businesses to create tailored solutions for a variety of needs, all within a single, integrated system. Its built-in automation engine streamlines repetitive tasks, saving time and boosting efficiency. It's designed to scale with your business, accommodating growth in users, data, and complex workflows without sacrificing performance. It offers robust interoperability, allowing easy integration with other tools, while providing a secure and reliable infrastructure to protect your data.

With role-based pricing and continuous support, InfoLobby is a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to improve productivity and adapt to changing needs. If you're seeking a platform that adapts to your business, InfoLobby is worth exploring.

InfoLobby vs. Others

Podio vs. Tape vs. InfoLobby An objective comparison.

Comparison Table

“We’ve seen over 40% reduction in monthly cost since switching to InfoLobby. We also love that our automations are no longer slow…”

~ Looking to reduce cost

“InfoLobby was easier than I expected. Importing was simple enough & they respond fast to support requests…”

~ Importing data

Keep up the good work - I'm very satisfied with my switch away from Podio…”

~ Switched from Podio

“I am glad we gave it a shot. Moving from [other software] was straight forward and our team prefers the new interface…”

~ Migrated Customer

“Thank you for helping us understand the difference from our former software and smoothing out the transition. 100% recommended.”

~ Infolobby Customer

“We love that our ProcFu & GlobiMail were instantly available without changes… it makes sense since InfoLobby is by Globi.”

~ ProcFu & GlobiMail Customer
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