Why InfoLobby?

InfoLobby stands as a cloud-based database enriched with an integrated automation engine, and here's what that signifies:

  • Is it a CRM? Not exclusively, but it can adapt to serve that purpose.
  • Is it Project Management Software? Not inherently, yet it has the potential to excel in that role.
  • Is it an Intranet? Not by default, but it can readily take on that function.
  • Is it any specific software? Likely not, but it has the adaptability to become what you need it to be.

Think of InfoLobby as the equivalent of a versatile LEGO set for your data management needs. Your business case is the blueprint, and InfoLobby is the building block to construct your solution.

The Backbone

In the world of business applications, fundamental database tables are the backbone. Each record possesses defined fields, there are data capture and editing forms, and processes are triggered upon data changes. This constitutes the essence of InfoLobby. It empowers you to sculpt a tailored solution for your unique use-cases.

While specialized software applications exist to manage distinct aspects of your business, they often operate in isolation and struggle to communicate with one another. InfoLobby, as a comprehensive solution, requires some initial effort to customize, but the result is a unified platform where each component seamlessly interfaces with the next. Welcome to the versatility and comprehensiveness of InfoLobby.

We take pride in offering a range of exceptional features that are designed to enhance your experience and streamline your operations. Let's explore some of the key InfoLobby advantages:

Role-based Pricing

No BS Pricing

Other services require all users to be on the same pricing tier. This can get really cost prohibitive when you have hundreds or thousands of users that just do data entry. InfoLobby subscriptions are based on user roles, so data entry users are almost 80% cheaper than administrators.

Built-in Automation Engine

Automation Engine

InfoLobby boasts a sophisticated built-in automation engine, which outperforms third-party alternatives in several key ways:

  1. Seamless Integration: There's no need to set up and configure additional third-party connectors or APIs.
  2. Enhanced Security: Your data doesn’t leave the platform when running flows.
  3. Reliability and Performance: It’s super fast and not sensitive to network transport issues.
  4. Trigger Speed: There’s no delay to trigger automations because we don’t need to poll ourselves for changes.
  5. Cost Efficiency: Automation is included in your InfoLobby package at no additional cost.
  6. Customization and Control: You can tailor automation workflows to your specific needs without being limited by the features or constraints of a third-party service.
  7. Easier Learning Curve: You don't need to learn a separate tool or interface, making it more user-friendly for your team.
  8. Unified Support: You can rely on a single source for support and troubleshooting.
  9. Scalability: You won't need to worry about compatibility or pricing changes associated with third-party services when expanding your automation capabilities.

Bare-metal SQL

Fast SQL

In InfoLobby, each table is a physical SQL table. Where other services use one gigantic table for all customer records, InfoLobby separates all tables, offering multiple advantages:

  1. Speed: Keeping tables separated keeps database queries highly performant.
  2. No Bad Neighbour Effect: Each table's performance remains independent, unaffected by other users.

Email Integration


Collaborate seamlessly with external contacts right from your InfoLobby records:

  1. Send: Send emails to external contacts directly from any record.
  2. Monitor: Easily track if and when your emails have been read.
  3. Receive: Replies are automatically captured and linked to the original message's record.
  4. Automate: Trigger automations based on email interactions.



Sub-tables are first-class citizens in InfoLobby, offering a wealth of benefits:

  1. Increased Visibility: View all related sub-records directly from the main record.
  2. Faster Data Manipulation: No need to navigate elsewhere; add or update sub-records seamlessly from the main record.
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