Podio Migration Services

Do you want to move to InfoLobby to expand your platform, but stuck in Podio? Is the only thing keeping you back the time and work involved in migrating? Maybe you’re concerned about feature parity?

Our migration services will significantly ease the process of moving from Podio to InfoLobby.

Why Choose Us?

  • Experience: We have a team of migration experts with loads of experience on both Podio and InfoLobby.
  • Tailored to Your Needs: Packages are by number of apps and workflows so you know what you'll pay up-front. No vague hourly contract.
  • Minimal Downtime: Our team will co-ordinate each cut-over point with you to minimize impact on your business.

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Our Packages

We offer a variety of packages to fit businesses of all sizes:

Basic Standard Advanced Enterprise
Up to 10 Apps Up to 25 Apps Up to 50 Apps Unlimited Apps
Up to 5 Workflows Up to 30 Workflows Up to 60 Workflows Unlimited Workflows
Price: $499 Price: $1,499 Price: $2,999 Contact Us for a Quote

How It Works

  1. Consultation: We'll start with a comprehensive consultation to understand your current Podio landscape.
  2. Discovery: Our team will investigate all your apps and flows in Podio and document their main features and interactions.
  3. Planning: Our team will create a custom migration plan based on what we found in the discovery stage.
  4. Migration: We will work with you and migrate apps in batches, slowly transitioning your team from Podio to InfoLobby.
  5. Support: Our dedicated support team will be available post-migration to assist where needed.

Pricing: Podio vs InfoLobby

How much would you save by migrating to InfoLobby? Use the calculator below to compare our role-based pricing to Podio’s one-size-fits-all pricing model:

Users Podio InfoLobby
Number of Admins
Number of Regular Users

Get Started Today!

Don't let the friction of migrating hold you back. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and find out how we can help you seamlessly transition from Podio to InfoLobby.

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