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analytics Operations

Demo Workspace

This workspace is for demonstration purposes. Tables include Contacts, To-do's, Meetings and Notes.

Basic Help Desk

Basic Help Desk table with automation for tracking.  Designed to streamline and expedite customer support requests.  Communicate with ticket submissions by email directly from each record.

Project Management

A Project Management pack that includes automatically created Deliverables based on selected Components and tracks Project progress.

storefront Marketing

Event Management

Easy Event Management to streamline your event planning process from start to finish.

Sales CRM

A simple CRM with Organizations, Contacts & Sales Tables with Automatic Reporting for Closed Monthly Sales and a future Pipeline.

Drip Email Campaigns

Create email templates to use in automation for onboarding customers and sending drip campaigns.

Public Surveys

A basic survey table with a webform or even send an email to collect ratings from users. 

flowsheet Administration


The Recruitment Pack simplifies the process of adding new team members.

Employee Internal

An Internal space where teams can communicate, request time off, plan their meetings, and more.

Tasks & Procedures

Manage your Procedures with a Tasks table.  Includes reminder notifications.

Employee Asset Tracking

Employee Table references an Asset Register to manage items issued to users.

sync_saved_locally Computing

Tasks (Basic)

Simple Tasks App to track work

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