InfoLobby automations are a powerful tool that allows you to automate tasks and processes by connecting different parts of InfoLobby together. This tool helps to streamline your workflows and improve your productivity.

  • Automations trigger on events such as creating a new record, changing the value in a field, or the arrival of a new email.
  • Automations can perform a variety of actions, such as sending an email, creating a task, or updating a record.
  • Automations can be configured to run on a schedule or in response to a specific event.
  • Automations can be shared with other users via the App Market.

For example:

  • Send an email notification when a new record is created in a table: This could be used to notify team members of new leads or customers.
  • Send an invoice when a new order is placed: This could be used to automate your invoicing process.

An automation has four factors:

  • Trigger: The trigger is the event that will start the automation. For example, the trigger could be the creation of a new record, the change of a value in a field, or the arrival of a new email.
  • Condition: The condition is a filter that determines whether the automation will run. For example, a condition could be "The value of the 'Name' field is 'John Doe'".
  • Logic: Logic can be performed to find records in other tables, perform calculations and even trigger other automations.
  • Action: The action is the task that will be performed when the trigger is activated and the condition is met. For example, the action could be to send an email, create a task, or update a record.

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