Using Logic

InfoLobby provides a few logic options that can be used in automations, such as variables, calculations, and conditionals.

  • Calculate Variable: Create a variable and perform calculations on it.
  • If (condition): Used to perform conditional actions.
  • End If: Used and required to close the If (condition) statement.
  • For Each Related: Collect and loop through related items in a relationship field of a record.
  • For Each View: Collect and loop through all the items in a public view.
  • For Each Variable: Allows you to loop through the values of a calculated variable.
  • Search Loop: Search a table and filter the results based on a specific field and condition.
  • Continue (For/Search): Used and required to close any of the four kinds of For Each and Search loops.
  • Trigger Automation: Manually trigger an available automation.


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