Getting Started

InfoLobby is a dynamic platform designed for crafting custom-built applications. You can seamlessly design, implement, and automate intelligent workflows that precisely fit your business needs. We promise a secure, fully customizable lightning-fast environment to conduct your business. 

In simple terms, in InfoLobby, you can create a bunch of tables with any number of fields and various types of fields to store your business data from different sources like customer information, website submissions, client portals, and more. Then, you can add multiple users with various roles and permissions to work with this data. Additionally, you can set up various automations to perform tasks automatically, saving time and reducing human errors. All of this translates into substantial savings of both time and money for your business.

The Core

At its core, InfoLobby operates on three fundamental levels: Organization, Space, and Table. Your account is connected to an Organization, where you have the capability to establish Spaces. Think of these Spaces as folders or departments, serving as a means to structure and manage your data effectively. Here you add users and give them access to your data. Within these Spaces, you can create Tables to house and organize your data.

When you create an account, you will be a member of the InfoLobby organization. Within InfoLobby, there is a public space called The Lobby. Within The Lobby, there are several tables.

What Next ?

If you would like to get started by creating projects, you can read this blog post, which walks you through how to create a simple invoicing system.

Alternatively, you can explore our in-depth documentation to learn more about InfoLobby.

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