Calculation and Script Fields

Calculation fields are designed to perform basic calculations using MySQL. These fields are ideal for scenarios where you need to compute values directly within your tables. With a maximum depth of 4, calculation fields provide sufficient flexibility for a variety of arithmetic operations and data manipulations. Whether you're summing up totals, calculating averages, or performing other simple computations, calculation fields can streamline your workflow and enhance your data analysis capabilities.

For more complex calculations

Script fields leverage the power of LobbyScript to enable advanced data processing and customization. With Script fields, you can execute complex logic and automate tasks that go beyond the capabilities of standard fields. LobbyScript allows you to manipulate data to implement custom functionality tailored to your specific needs. Whether you're creating dynamic data transformations, building custom validations, or just displaying data, Script fields offer unparalleled flexibility and control.

For detailed instructions and examples, please follow the links to the respective help documents for each highlighted feature.

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