Import Excel/CSV to tables

To import data to a table in InfoLobby, you can follow these steps:

Click on the dots to open the drop down menu in the table

Click on the Import Excel button.

Select the Excel or CSV file that you want to import.

Map the fields in the Excel or CSV file to the fields in the InfoLobby table.
Use the ID column to overwrite current table records.

Click on the Import button.

Once InfoLobby has finished importing the data from the Excel or CSV file, the importing wizard will display a success message.

Here are some points to note about the import function:

  • The first row of the Excel or CSV file will not be imported. This is because InfoLobby considers the first row to be the header of the table.
  • If the Excel or CSV file contains a relationship field, the value of the field must be the title value from the related table. For example, if "Name" is the title field of the related table, then the Excel or CSV file must have a "Name" field. InfoLobby will try to match the value of the "Name" field in the Excel or CSV file to the title value of the related table. If there are duplicate names, InfoLobby will pick the first one. It is therefore better to have a unique column as the title to avoid such issues.

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